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    The quality of a concrete foundation is critical as it provides the structural support as well as an exact outer template. For a preferable outcome, the correct building process is crucial. Western Concrete's 25 year history and generous successful past experience prove positive results. We continually obtain information on the latest trends and innovations in the poured wall construction industry. Because situational constraints are different on every job, Western Concrete utilizes information from many different and creditable sources to provide desirable outcomes for quality concrete foundations.

    To start, the excavation begins with an opportunity to talk with a specialist from Western Concrete about site preparation, foundation placement and elevation. This is an important step which determines how to set the foundation in the most desirable and esthetically pleasing location. After a review of excavation and soil type, foundation requirements can be made based on current conditions that might cause unusual circumstances thus causing footings to require slight extensions and alterations.

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